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The San Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America’s Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree, is an annual event that honors a leader in the Bay Area construction industry. Begun in 1978, the Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree has become the largest industry gathering in Northern California. Through the Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree more than $7 million has been raised to support the Character Education and Leadership Training Programs of the San Francisco Bay Area Council.

Icons of the Bay Area construction industry have been recognized with our “Good Scout Award” at our Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree. They have included Pat Callahan, Stephen Bechtel, Sr., Stephen Bechtel, Jr., Riley Bechtel, Milo Gates, Joe Hester, Robert Hubbard, John Cahill, Dave Dornsife, Dave Grubb, Tom Sorley, Larry Nibbi, Jerry Overaa, Bob Witbeck, Greg Cosko, Mike Re, Barry Kannon, Ed Traille and Rick Martellaro.  This year's honoree is still pending. Our newest honoree will join the 42 previous recipients of the “Good Scout” Award.


The goals of the 43nd Annual Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree will be to:

  1. Salute the honoree for their lifetime of serving the Bay Area construction industry.

  2. Share the outstanding programs that the San Francisco Bay Area Council provide to more than 10,000 youth in our community.

  3. Highlight Scouting’s efforts in our “at risk” communities and in our S.T.E.M. programs in the Oakland Unified School District.

  4. Raise $500,000 to support the youth of our community.


Steering Committee

  • Chairman: Dermot Fallon, Foundation Constructors
  • Keith Atteberry - Marelich Mechanical Company, Inc.
  • Dick Bass, Gallagher Construction Services
  • Axel Boren, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors
  • Brent Breckenridge, Clifton Larson Allen LLP
  • Doug Byles, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company
  • Kathryn Cahill Thompson, Cahill Contractors
  • Pat Callahan, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company
  • Emily Cohen, United Contractors
  • Anthony D’Amante, Lathrop Construction Associates, Inc.
  • Robert Dugan, CalCIMA
  • Jim Edson, City National Bank
  • Alan Guy, Anvil Builders
  • Rick Guzman, Rosendin Electric
  • David Heier, Moss Adams
  • Paul Hinz, Swinerton Builders
  • John Morgan, Malcolm Drilling Company
  • Frank Nunes, Wall and Ceiling Alliance
  • Colby Powell, C. Overaa & Company
  • Irshad Rasheed, Sanveo, Inc.
  • Kathy Streblow, Mitchell Engineering
  • Michael Walton, Employers’ Advocate, Inc.
  • Aaron Zvanut, Gallagher Construction Services

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© 2020 Golden Gate Area Council, BSA - All rights reserved. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter