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Thank you for taking a moment to consider a gift to Scouting! We appreciate you and all you do for the young men and women in our program!

2020 is a monumental year in the San Francisco Bay Area Council and it is first and foremost monumental because of our youth. Young women have been welcomed into Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA and are beginning to take part in our program. We are excited to see the benefits of Scouting being brought to all our youngsters.

Here's what Family Friends of Scouting Supports...

  • 50% of our donations and unit assessment helps to pay for our professional executives who work for our district full time helping our unit and leaders.
  • 9% provides for the year-round maintenance of our three award-winning camps: Camp Royaneh, Wente Scout Reservation and Rancho Los Mochos.
  • 2% pays for insurances including liability insurance that protects our leaders plus accident and sickness insurance is provided for every scout
  • 4% is spent in our Council to help other families who need scholarships, going to camp or help in getting registered in the BSA. The Council serves almost 1,000 boys and girls right now, through our direct service programs, in some of the Bay Areas most troubled areas
  • Less than 5% pays for fundraising including brochures and recognitions
  • 20% goes to running scores of activities that our kids participate in, like:
    • Scouting for Food and district activities
    • Family Vacation Camps and Day Camps
    • Youth leader training programs, Camporees and Shooting Sports Days
    • Pinewood Derby’s, Tiger/Lion activities
    • Youth recruitment events
    • Adult training, Resident Camp and Exploration Camps
    • The horse programs at the camps
    • Our well-used 16-mile mountain-biking program at Wente Scout Reservation.
  • And finally, the balance of 10% goes to overhead, which includes the support staff at the YLTC. They help us with supplies, registrations, Youth Protection Training, rechartering, background checks, advice, know how, badges and awards, camp sign up and more.

But what we really get in exchange for our donations or our assessment payments to the council is a character and leadership training and values program for our kids. Up against that, our assessment represents a fraction of the real value our kids receive.


CLICK HERE for a copy of the Family Friends of Scouting brochure.


© 2020 Golden Gate Area Council, BSA - All rights reserved. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
© 2020 Golden Gate Area Council, BSA - All rights reserved. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter